CCTV Install & Upgrades

We design and install new CCTV systems in business and domestic environments.  Updating your current system can bring many benefits:

  • Allow remote viewing from any location with an internet connection
  • Improve security and clarity of recordings with high definition video previously unavailable in analogue systems
  • Record only when motion or unusual behaviour is detected, saving resources in the process
  • Offer greater scalability for growth as new cameras integrate seamlessly with your existing IP network

Access Control Systems

From entry-level to fully networked corporate solutions, we can provide you with an effective solution whether it be at home or across multiple sites for a large business.

We utilise a variety of reader technologies too, including swipe cards, proximity tokens, telephone entry systems, PIN entry keypads and fingerprint readers.  Our equipment can be configured around existing hardware or alternatively, we can provide a full turnkey solution to include traffic barriers, bollards and electric gates.

Intruder Alarms

We install intruder alarm systems in domestic properties ranging in size from a one bedroom flat up to a large stately home, and a small one room office to a several thousand square foot factory, treating every security installation with the same care and attention.

Fire Alarms

We supply, install and service all forms of systems. These include Conventional, Analogue and Addressable Systems. We are also installing wireless systems which cut down on the install time needed proving to be more cost effective for the customer.  We also service fire systems doing annual checks to ensure you are compliant.

Network Design

Working with our IT Services partners we can offer a full network design solution to incorporate your security systems into your existing IT infrastructure.  We can take away the need for multiple contractors by running cables for other devices at the same time as your security systems.  Then our experienced IT partners can configure the network to ensure all of your systems run smoothly.

Cloud Services

Many organisations are moving their CCTV systems to cloud storage providers.  We have teamed up with some of the leading providers to offer low cost, secure off site storage within the EU which is fully GDPR compliant.  We can also offer a hybrid solution where your recordings are stored locally and backed up to the cloud for longer retention time without the need for huge amounts of disk storage.